2016 Springfield Local Schools Board of Education 

Mrs. Rachel Geiger
Mr. Ev Harris, President
Mr. Richard Helminski, Vice President
Mrs. Sherri Koback
Mr. Ken Musch

Dr. Michael O'Shea, Superintendent
Mr. P. Ryan Lockwood, III,  Treasurer
Abigail Yeager, Student Liaison

Leave a message for any board member by calling the district office 419.867.5600.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.  Click here to view the Board of Education's Welcome Brochure.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule: All Meetings begin at 5:00 pm
April Meetings:  Study - April 13; General - April 18 (change from April 27)
May Meetings:   Study - May 11;  General - May 25
June Meetings:  Study - June 1 (changed from June 8); General - June 22

When and Where Are Board Meetings Held?
A Board of Education in the State of Ohio can only take action at meetings open to the public.  The Springfield Board of Education typically holds its monthly business meeting at 5:00 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Administration Building, 6900 Hall Street, Holland, Ohio. If the schedule is adjusted for any reason, that information is posted and the community is notified in advance.

Addressing the Board of Education:
To permit citizens to be heard and at the same time conduct its meetings efficiently, members of the Board will hear the public only at times scheduled for such comments.

A citizen, community or school related group who wishes to be formally placed on the agenda at a Board meeting must give notice to Cathy Semonin, Springfield Local Schools' Superintendent Michael D. O'Shea's administrative assistant, 48-hours in advance of the meeting. Notice must include name and address of person, telephone number,  name of group and topic to be addressed.  To reach Mrs. Semonin via telephone, please call the school district at 419.867.5604.  Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes per person and fifteen (15) minutes per topic, except as additional time is granted by the Board President.

Aspiring Statements:
In August, 2014, the Board of Education adopted the following "aspiring statements:"

Academic Success:
The Springfield Local Schools Board of Education aspires to open up students’ academic horizons and raise the level of expectations for all learners. Springfield students will exceed expectations both in and out of the classroom, explore future options through character development opportunities, art appreciation, problem solving, social intelligence, exploring diverse cultures of the world, career readiness, and at all times challenging their perceived limitations.

Cultural and Environmental:
The Springfield Local Schools Board of Education aspires to create a positive and nurturing educational environment that promotes academic, social, and emotional growth and success for each student. This will be accomplished by maintaining academic and extracurricular programs and services that are culturally responsive, promote high student and school district expectations, are fiscally responsible, and are adaptable to meet the changing needs of our students, our  community, and our nation.

Community Engagement:
The Springfield Local Schools Board of Education aspires to create and cultivate engaging, positive, connected, and united relationships in the community that support and value the mission of our richly diverse school district. This will be accomplished by providing exceptional academic and extra-curricular programs that educate and produce well-rounded, confident, and competent young women and men.

Meeting Agendas
(copies of prior agendas are available upon request)

April 18, 2016
  -  General Meeting Agenda
  -  General Meeting Addendum

April 13, 2016
  -  Study Meeting Agenda

March 22, 2016
  -   General Meeting Agenda
  -   General Meeting Addendum

March 9, 2016
  -  Study Meeting Agenda

February 24, 2016
  -  General Meeting Agenda
  -  General Meeting Addendum

February 3, 2016
  -  Study Meeting

January 27, 2016
  -  General Agenda
  -  General Addendum

Meeting Minutes (copies of prior minutes are available upon request)
  -  General, November, 2015
  -  General, October, 2015
  -  Special, October, 2015
  -  Study, October, 2015
  -  General, September, 2015
  -  Study, September, 2015

What follows is a brief biography of Springfield School Board of Education members:

Rachel Geiger
Occupation:  RN, Director, Health Insurance
Mrs. Rachel Geiger was elected to the Springfield Board of Education in November, 2015.  She is very active in her support of her alma mater serving as either an officer or member of many booster organizations and as Secretary of the Springfield Schools Foundation. Like Mrs. Geiger, her husband, and children are either proud Springfield graduates or current students!  Her dedication is without question and it is unusual not to find her at all district athletic or academic events!  She will bring that same dedication and enthusiasm to serving Holland-Springfield residents as a member of the Board of Education.

Ev Harris
Occupation: Real Estate, Insurance
In 2015, Mr. Harris will have served the community as a member of the Springfield Board of Education for 43 years. He has received numerous regional and state-wide recognition for his contributions to public school education and leadership including the prestigious Ohio School Boards Association Award of Achievement. Three times he has been named to the all NW Ohio Regional Board, in 2001 was chosen as an All-Ohio Board member, and has also been named a Master Board member. Mr. Harris also serves on the Board of the Springfield Schools Foundation. Professionally, Mr. Harris has been honored with seven Nationwide Insurance Community Service Awards. His wife Lana and both children graduated from Springfield High School and his two grandchildren also attend school in the district.

Richard Helminski
Occupation:  Springfield Township's Assistant Fire Chief
Mr. Helminski began his service on the Springfield Board of Education in January, 2014.  He is a proud graduate of Springfield High School where he excelled both academically and athletically.  Mr. Helminski began his service to our community in 1987 as a volunteer fire fighter.  He holds many certifications, including those as a paramedic and fire safety officer.  In 2006, he was appointed Assistant Fire Chief.  He and his wife Rebecca are the parents of two daughters, both of whom attend school in the district.

Sherri Koback
Occupation: Business Owner
Mrs. Koback, her husband Scott, and her children are either Springfield students or graduates. Her dedication to her alma mater finds her very active in many booster organizations and it is unusual not to find her at all district athletic or academic events!  Mrs. Koback’s work in the district and throughout the community resulted in her receipt in 2012 of the Ohio School Boards Association NW Region Outstanding Citizenship Award.  She was reelected to her second term in November, 2013, and is beginning her seventh year of service to the community.

Ken Musch
Occupation:  Civil/Structural Engineer
Mr. Musch and his three daughters are proud alumni of Springfield High School and he has four grandchildren attending Springfield schools. He recently completed his 34th year of service to the Springfield Board of Education and has received numerous regional and state awards including the prestigious Ohio School Boards Association Award of Achievement. His service also earned him selection as a Master Board member, the all NW Ohio Regional Board, and as an All-Ohio Board member in 2000. He, wife Sharon, children and grandchildren all reside in the community.



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