Dorr Elementary School


1205 King Road
Toledo, Ohio 43617
419.867.5666 (office)
419.867.5734 (fax)
Principal: Cheri Copeland-Shull

Doors Open at 8:15 AM
School Starts at 8:30 AM
Dismissal is at 3:00 PM


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The dedication of Dorr's teaching staff is second to none as theyDorr.Strong.15 work tirelessly and together to help every child be his/her personal best.  

Although the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) system for rating schools is changing, it is important to reflect that for the past several years, the efforts of Dorr Elementary School students have allowed the school to achieve high ratings from the ODE.   

We are very proud of the entire Dorr family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - for consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. We truly are committed to being exceptional - - without exception!

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Testimonial from Dorr Parents
Joel & Gina Bolbach

"As the parents of two children who have attended Dorr Elementary over the last several years, we can tell you without a doubt that Dorr is a very special place.  As soon as you walk through the doors, a positive energy can be felt.  Administration, support staff, and teachers are all there because they WANT to be there.  Teachers go above and beyond by getting to know each individual student, which in turn helps them tailor learning activities that capitalize on each child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests.  They make learning challenging as well as fun!  Academics aren’t the only focus though.  Through the Character Counts program, which focuses on traits such as respect, responsibility, acceptance, and perseverance, children are encouraged to be their best selves every day.  A strong sense of community is also felt as parents have ample opportunities to volunteer and are highly valued as partners in education.  We are very proud to be part of the Dorr family.  Dorr Elementary truly is a phenomenal place to be!"


Principal's Weekly Message

exceptional - without exception 

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Dorr’s Buddy Brigade
We are excited to share our Dorr Buddy Brigade! Several students were selected from each classroom who will serve as “ambassadors” for new students who come to Dorr Elementary. As an ambassador, the student serves as a “buddy” to help the new student by providing them with a tour of the building, showing the student the classroom, covering the expectations of the school, and helping them feel comfortable with the lunchroom and recess environment. The “buddy” can also assist with getting organized and share any procedures that are appropriate for Dorr Elementary, such as “Snap, Slide, and Slow” in the hallway.

The “Buddy Brigade” students were selected due to their characteristics of responsibility, respectfulness, and cooperativeness. Please contact the Dorr office for a complete list of "Buddy Brigade" members! We are proud of our student leaders and the service they provide for our new campers!

Camp Dorr Upcoming Events:
Wed., Oct. 14    Dorr Parents’ Club Meeting at 6:30 pm
Fri., Oct. 23       Spirit Day (Wear Green)
Fri., Oct. 23       Kindergarten Outreach (NO SCHOOL for Kindergarten Students)
Fri., Oct. 23       Trunk or Treat (6:30 pm)
Mon., Oct. 26     Fundraiser Pick-Up (2:30-6 pm)
Tues., Oct. 27    Picture Retakes
Fri., Oct. 30       Fall Parade Indoors-2 pm
Tues., Nov. 3     Election Day/NO SCHOOL-Teacher Prof. Dev. Day
Fri., Nov. 6        Character Trait Day –Wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE (Citizenship)
Wed., Nov. 11    Dorr Parents’ Club Meeting at 6:30 pm

I Am Springfield
 Each child at Dorr Elementary displays unique and individual talents and gifts.  For that reason, we are so thankful that our students have many ways to express themselves---through music, art, physical activity, or technical skills. Each day our students participate in classes we call “specials.”  In many ways, these classes are special because they allow our students to share other talents that they have besides those in the academic arena.  We have wonderful “specials” teachers who are dedicated to nurturing these areas and committed to teaching our students valuable life-long skills.

Dorr.15To emphasize the fact that we have unique children at Springfield, one of our art teachers, Mrs. Rachel Haubert, decided to have the students create self-portraits.  Upon seeing their creative masterpieces, she decided to share these wonderful works of art and displayed them on one of our bulletin boards.  As you can see, the display emphasizes each child’s unique and individual characteristics.  They are Springfield!

I would like to thank the dedicated “specials” teachers at Dorr Elementary who are committed to sharing these talents---Mrs. Joanne Cook, Mrs. Rachel Haubert, Mr. Brad Kerns, Mrs. Jennifer Mercer, and Mrs. Kristen Quigley.  Thank you for allowing our students to demonstrate how they are #springfieldstrong!

The Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) selected DORR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students, faculty and staff as recipients of the prestigious 2015 HALL OF FAME AWARD!  To help understand the significance of this award, it is important to know that OAESA awards this distinction to only 10 schools (of a possible 3000 in the state) each year!

To achieve this award, schools must go beyond the call of duty to get all excited about education!  The award application process is extensive and reviews a school's instructional system, student achievement, students  development, personnel, administration school management, and stakeholders.
No question, the honor is much deserved!!