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Holland, Ohio 43528
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Principal: Mr. Jeff Pendry
Asst. Principal: Mrs. Angie Duckworth
Dean of Students: Mr. Gary Devol
Athletic Director: Ms. Pam Vinkler
Doors Open at 7:15 AM
School Starts at 7:30 AM
Dismissal: 6th/2:22; 7th,8th/2:25 PM



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Welcome to Springfield Middle School (SMS).  Meeting the educational needs of young adolescents requires special curricula that feature content that connects with the everyday lives of students as well as activities that actively involve them in the learning process. SMS academic standards are high. Although the Ohio Department of Education's rating system has recently changed, it is important to reflect that SMS has consistently achieved the highest possible ratings over the past several years!   

We are very proud of the entire SMS family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - for consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. We truly are committed to being exceptional - - without exception! 

Opportunities to enrich student learning, including the availability of Honors courses, foreign language offerings, problem-based learning approaches all challenge today’s learners to develop and refine the critical thinking skills they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Classes are offered to students on a trimester schedule.  The school mascot is the Blue Devil.

Academics are complimented by a full range of creative, athletic and extracurricular programs, including:

Chess Club Basketball Band
Robotic Lego League Cheerleading Choir
Math Counts Cross Country Newspaper-Devils’ Dispatch
Quiz Bowl 7th Football; 8th Football Power of the Pen
Science Olympiad Track Yearbook ID: WP155192Y0

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Springfield Middle School
Parent Testimonial
"As an alumnus of Springfield Local Schools, one may expect my opinion to be nothing less than favorable.  I can tell you that as an active parent and community member, Springfield Local Schools consistently raises the bar for producing a quality education. 

The staff amaze me on a daily basis as to their willingness to go the extra mile and put forth consistent effort both in and out of the classroom. I am very pleased to see the tradition continue as I watch my own children receive the same first-class education that helped make me the person I am today."


Helen Darrah
SLS Parent and Alum


Principal's Weekly Message
Mr. Jeff Pendry



Authentic Learning - SMS Visitor Engages Class
By Robert L. Steinline, SMS technology instructor

The SMS Circuits Class had the privilege of having Mr. Kevin Amos visit as a guest speaker.  Mr. Amos is an Instructional Media Specialist I for the University of Toledo Medical College.  His expertise and assistance was invaluable, as was his insights into electrical circuitry. 

During his visit, he shared several very motivational experiences  - he started by explaining how fundamental classes like the one provided by the Middle School are important to exciting career opportunities.  He himself designed and created a component that could be put in a new home construction that would allow the home owner to be enjoying something on an entertainment system at considerable volume, and not miss someone ringing the doorbell.  Once the visitor rang the doorbell, the entertainment system reduced the volume.  When the householder heard the door bell, the volume returned to the set level.  He did this for his sister when she was building her home.

Mr. Amos then shared with the class the importance of learning the basics of electronics, as being taught at the Middle School.  He took the time to elaborate on some of the basic components being taught, and how they could be used in more advanced applications.  The students enjoyed learning about the high technology applications of their class.  One of the units to be covered is on speakers, and he shared how he had designed a very special set of speakers for a mobile DJ service.  When the speakers were done, they were tested with a 600 watt stereo system.  The end result was a visit from the Toledo Police.  When he and his customer inquired as to who complained, it was not the expected neighbor.  It was someone two blocks away that had been disturbed by the intense volume.  I guess you could call that project a success.

One of the other things Mr. Amos shared with the class was how he has become involved with drones, further showing a practical side of learning about electricity and circuits.  He had brought in one of his smaller units, and explained a lot of the legal and technical aspects of drone operation and design.  He has created several amazing videos, some of which can be viewed at:

The students truly benefited from the visit.  Many were very inquisitive about his drone flying and photography, which added to their interest in what could be accomplished with electrical circuit design.  Mr. Amos took the time to elaborate on Ohms law, explaining the importance of having a solid math background and being able to manipulate such formulas as Ohms law.  I observed a few students doing quick searches on the computers in the classroom about specific subjects he discussed, enhancing their understanding of the topics he covered - perhaps the truest test that they were fully engaged in learning!!



Springfield Middle School continues to integrate technology on a daily basis. During the 2015-2016 school year, one of our key goals involves a heightened effort to communicate more frequently and through a variety of social media sites.

SMS leaders encourage parents and community members of to follow us on Twitter @smsbluedevils. Twitter will serve as a source to remind parents and students of upcoming events and also highlight interesting educational moments at SMS.

Those interested can also follow us on Facebook - springfield middle school-sms. SMS Athletics is also utilizing social media sites to keep parents informed, and everyone is encouraged to follow our athletes on Twitter @athletics_sms.

SMS administration will also use school messenger and send out email and text alerts regarding upcoming events. There is a link on the district's website ( to help parents register for alerts.

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