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Principal: Mrs. Dana Falkenberg
Asst. Principal: Mr. Gary Devol
Asst. Principal: Mr. Jeff Pendry
Doors Open at 7:15 AM
School Starts at 7:35 AM
Dismissal: 6th/2:25; 7th,8th/2:30 PM

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Welcome to Springfield Middle School (SMS).  Meeting the educational needs of young adolescents requires special curricula that feature content that connects with the everyday lives of students as well as activities that actively involve them in the learning process. SMS academic standards are high. Although the Ohio Department of Education's rating system has recently changed, it is important to reflect that SMS has consistently achieved an "Excellent" rating over the past several years!   We are very proud of the entire SMS family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - for consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. We truly are committed to being exceptional - - without exception! 

Opportunities to enrich student learning, including the availability of Honors courses, foreign language offerings, problem-based learning approaches all challenge today’s learners to develop and refine the critical thinking skills they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Classes are offered to students on a trimester schedule.  The school mascot is the Blue Devil.

Academics are complimented by a full range of creative, athletic and extracurricular programs, including:

Chess Club Basketball Band
Robotic Lego League Cheerleading Choir
Math Counts Cross Country Newspaper-Devils’ Dispatch
Quiz Bowl 7th Football; 8th Football Power of the Pen
Science Olympiad Track Yearbook

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Springfield Middle School
Parent Testimonial
"As an alumnus of Springfield Local Schools, one may expect my opinion to be nothing less than favorable.  I can tell you that as an active parent and community member, Springfield Local Schools consistently raises the bar for producing a quality education. 

The staff amaze me on a daily basis as to their willingness to go the extra mile and put forth consistent effort both in and out of the classroom. I am very pleased to see the tradition continue as I watch my own children receive the same first-class education that helped make me the person I am today."


Helen Darrah
SLS Parent and Alum

Principal's Weekly Message

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Springfield Middle School Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

During the week of October 27-31, Springfield Middle School students were invited to take a visible stand against drugs, tobacco, and alcohol by celebrating Red Ribbon Week. The 2014 theme was Love Yourself, Be Drug Free.

Red Ribbon Week raises awareness of drug use and the problems related to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol facing our community by encouraging parents, educators, and community members to promote drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free lifestyles.

The red ribbon symbolizes a continuing commitment to reducing the demand for illicit drugs in our communities. In 1985, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent Enrique S. "Kiki" Camarena was killed by drug traffickers. Shortly after Camarena's death, citizens from his hometown of Calexico, California, began wearing red ribbons to remember him and commemorate his sacrifice. Congress established Red Ribbon Week in 1988.

“Red Ribbon Week encourages our entire school and community to adopt healthy, drug-free lifestyles,” said Amy Hagan, school counselor.  “Red Ribbon week gives us the opportunity to be vocal and visible in our efforts to achieve a drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free school. Research shows that children are less likely to use alcohol and other drugs when parents and other role models are clear and consistent in their opposition to substance use and abuse.”

During Red Ribbon week, students and staff celebrated with a spirit week to show their support of being drug-free. On Monday, students were encouraged to “Be bright and stay drug free.” Students and staff wore their best and brightest neon clothes. Tuesday, students were encouraged to “Join the fight against drugs” and wear camouflage. Wednesday students were asked to “Team up against drugs” by wearing their favorite team jersey. Thursday, students were asked to “Sock-out drugs” and wear their crazy socks. Friday students were encouraged to “Say Boo to drugs” by wearing their favorite costume.

Along with the spirit week, students were provided facts about drugs over the morning announcements and presented lessons discussing the importance of respecting their bodies and remaining drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

For more information about red ribbon week or to read facts about drug and alcohol use and abuse visit Parents and community members are also encouraged to visit the Red Ribbon website at and sign the pledge to help children maintain a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

Math Mondays
Beginning last week, all SMS students and teachers are making math a focus during their FOCUS period.  After reviewing our state report card, we as a staff have spent much time looking at areas of concern and what the data tells us about student need.  This collaborative work within the math department has been shared through our Building Leadership Team and from there we have implemented Math Mondays.  Because most of our students, and not just our lower performing students, exhibit weaknesses with math fluency, we are taking that on as a team. Our math department has gathered resources, games, websites and manipulatives to help make the review of math facts more fun and has shared them with everyone in the building to be used in their Focus period.  With Math Mondays, every SMS teacher is emphasizing the importance of math fluency to start every week.

In some ways, we could say that this started in our 6th grade last year with the implementation of Number Ninjas.  This is where students earn a “belt” (colored duct tape to go across their math book) for each of the numbers they mastered times tables for. The creative brainchild of Mr. Mike Ransford, this project was funded through a grant offered by The Springfield Schools Foundation. Finding ways to emphasize the importance in a fun way has spread across the grade levels as we look to provide time outside of math class to foster and model the importance of knowing math facts.

It is an intense challenge to teach higher level math skills emphasized in Common Core without the fluency of memorized math facts, and class time is too valuable to devote it to skills that are considered foundational. I a child tells you they don’t have any homework or if parents seek ideas for family game night to be sure students are making progress in school, find creative and fun ways to incorporate the study of math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). 

Some ideas our teachers are using are the Greatest Common Factor Game, Go Fish (matching fractions decimals and percentages), Multiplication Bingo and Around the World, just to name a few. See if students can explain to you how any of these math games work.  Much like reading, the more fluent we are with them, the easier it will be to use those skills and apply it as math continues to become more challenging each year.